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Win Your Life Back How to Beat Addiction

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Lately drugs and alcohol headlines seem to be making the news on a nightly basis. For those suffering with an addiction, the risk for injury and illness from those vices are certainly real. It might be time to start an intervention or visit a drug and alcohol detox center so that your loved one can get their life back.

Alcohol is the most popular drug in the United States due to its legality. For many addicts, the problem starts at a young age with over 10% of American children living with a parent who suffers from alcohol problems. Many alcoholics drink because of depression; over 80% of depressed people never seek out professional help. Most alcoholics are between the ages of 18 and 29, with nearly 20% of college students meeting the criteria for alcoholism. Its very likely that you yourself have seen someone struggle with addiction like it was any sickness, approximately 53% of adults in the US reported that one or more of their close relatives suffer from alcoholism.

Drug addiction alone accounts for over 5,000 emergency room visits per day. For many, drug and alcohol detox centers are the last resort to reclaim one’s life. The process is an uphill struggle against the addict’s own demons, but they will be victorious if they have the tenacity and the will to stick with it. Before rehabilitation can begin, detox must first purge the drugs from the patient’s body. The patient may go through withdrawal, which is often the most difficult part. With the caring support of their family and the expertise of the drug and alcohol detox center, most patients can find normal, addiction-free lives. Every additional day that you wait is another victory for the addiction; call a detox center and get an idea of treatment cost today.

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