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What to Know About Pet Nutrition

All new dog owners have the same question: what’s the best food for my dog? In this article, we’ll learn the basics of pet nutrition and the best food for your new fluffy friend.

Let’s start with something simple, learning about a pet’s dietary protein. Protein is crucial for us, as it is a good energy source and enhances our body.

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Protein works the same for dogs, as they need all the healthy protein they can get for their development. We advise natural protein such as fish, chicken, and meat. If you are still thinking about good protein sources, you should consider fat as an option for your dog’s diet. Fat brings a considerable amount of energy and amino acids and is what your dog needs in the early stages of its life. Remember, of the 20 amino acids that exist, your pet needs 10-11 of them. Don’t be afraid of mixing your dog’s food with carrots and rice, as they are good sources of carbs and offer good nutritional calories.

Don’t worry about giving your pet vitamins or supplements, as they only require a healthy and high-protein diet.


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