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What a Personal Fitness Trainer Can do for You

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America is facing an epidemic of obesity. Experts have said that by 2030, approximately 115 million adults will be obese. That makes it 50% of all American adults. Currently fewer than 5% get the recommended 30 minutes of aerobic exercise a day. No fewer than 80% fail to do their daily recommended amount of aerobic and weight building exercise a day.

The impact on people’s health is stunning. American’s proclivity for spending most of our days sitting down rather than moving around raises people’s risk for premature death by 40%. The converse is also true. The risk of a stroke is 50% lower in women who stay active over 40 compared with those who do not. Regular exercise can lower a person’s blood pressure by 75%. If you are one of the inactive Americans and want to change that, a personal fitness trainer may be that way to go.

There are many reasons to hire a personal trainer. If you have not been to the gym in a long time, it is always a good idea to start with a professional personal trainer to get you into a tailored and personalized regimen to meet the goals you set together. With exercise, you will see results in your health but you may have other goals such as weight loss, muscle building or simple toning. A personal fitness trainer can can get you started in the right direction.

Personal trainers are great at keeping clients motivated. It is said that if you stick with a new routine for 90 days, it becomes a habit but on day one, day 90 is going to seem a long way off. Most people start out strong but then the interest wanes and life encroaches on all those good early intentions. A person may skip one day at the gym and that one day becomes two and so on and so on. A personal trainer can help a, hold you accountable to your own goals and and, b, keep the program interesting. They can help you maximize your gym training so you do see the results you want earlier.

A personal fitness trainer can also help with support during a workout, which can be especially helpful if heavy weights are being used or some of the routine is being changed. They can make sure your form remains correct.

If you really cannot get to the gym or do not feel comfortable working out in front of other people, they can come to you so you can do your gym training in the privacy of your own home. That may make it easier for some people to stick to a routine.

Personal fitness trainers do cost some money. Some gyms offer personal training classes for new members or even for existing members and that might be a more affordable option. Even with the expense, sessions with a personal fitness trainer cost a lot less than a stroke or heart attack and all of the treatment, rehabilitation and recovery they require. The benefits to working out regularly are so great and the risks associated with not doing it are so serious, looking into hiring a personal trainer to help you get in shape just makes sense.

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