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We Know Kids Love Gymnastic Lessons, But Here’s 5 Reasons Parents Do Too!

gymnastic lessons for kidsBoys and girls simply LOVE the time they spend in gymnastic lessons for kids. In fact, they’re often having so much fun they don’t even realize they’re exercising! But it’s not just kids who appreciate the benefits of tumbling classes and gymnastics classes for beginners. Increasingly, parents are discovering the myriad ways these fun classes can benefit their sons and daughters.

So without further ado, here are the top five reasons to encourage the young people in your family to get involved in gymnastics programs for kids.

Because We Have a Childhood Obesity Epidemic

It’s so unfortunate that the greatest country on the face of the earth is still struggling with a childhood obesity epidemic. As of 2010, one out of every three kids was overweight or obese. In many families, empty calories from sugars and fats contributed to 40% of the daily calories consumed by children and teens between the ages of two through 18 years. Any kind of regular physical exercise program can get young people on the path to health.

Because It’s Safe Than You Realize

Don’t take our word for it. According to the American College of Sports Medicine, plyometric exercise (the fancy term for sports like jump training, tumbling, gymnastics, and vaulting) have been officially determined to be safe and beneficial activity for children.

They’re Not Just Safe, They Encourage Self Improvement

Gymnastic lessons for kids don’t just help kids maintain a healthy weight, they also help develop balance and discipline. And those are skills that can help keep kids safe throughout their adolescent years, even if they end up switching to a different sport program.

Inspiring Role Models

The United States has been one of the top competitors in Olympic and international gymnastic competitions for decades. And that means there are tons of inspiring role models for young men and women to get excited about. Plus, healthy role models can be a major incentive for kids to develop their skills and gain the competitive spirit so important to success in the real world!

And Finally

What’s the most important reason to encourage your son or daughter to try gymnastic lessons this year? Because they’re fun! Kids really do love getting out on the mat and learning new skills, and they pride they feel when mastering a new move will make parents beam with pride. We guarantee it!

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