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Was Your Day at the Beach Ruined by a Sports Injury? Visit a Local Walk-in Clinic for Evaluation and Treatment

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When you live by or vacation at the beach, you’re there to have fun and relax. Whether you enjoy sailing, surfing, volleyball, or other beach-oriented activities, there are so many ways to have a good time outdoors and get some exercise as well. If you’re located in California, then you’re likely aware that there are almost 840 miles of coastline. Quite a few residents and vacationers alike will travel up and down the coast to visit one or more of their favorite beaches.

How to Avoid Sunburns

Unfortunately, beach-goers can become injured when they least expect it, and this can definitely spoil a good time. While sunburns may not be as obvious until you head home after time at the beach, they can be particularly painful even when they’re minor. When sunburns are more severe, however, it’s important to have them evaluated and treated.

In order to protect yourself against getting any type of sunburn, the American Academy of Dermatology (ADA) recommends a specific type of sunscreen. In addition to providing broad-spectrum protection, you also want it to be water resistant. This is why an SPF of 30 or higher is recommended by the ADA.

How to Avoid Concussions

Another injury to watch out for is concussions. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that in 2012 alone, roughly 3,800,000 concussions were reported. This amounts to double the number that was reported ten years earlier. When you’re out on the water, whether you’re sailing, surfing, or swimming, it’s important to be aware of your surroundings. This way, you can do your best to avoid situations where you might sustain an injury.

Other Types of Injuries

Whether you’re a beginning or an experienced surfer, you’re likely aware of potential injuries that can occur. While some injuries are more common than others, here are the most prevalent types:

  • Leg injuries: 46%
  • Head and facial injuries: 26%
  • Trunk and back injuries: 13%
  • Shoulder and arm injuries: 13%

Quite a few people like to toss a ball or frisbee around at the beach. Volleyball games are also a favorite activity to enjoy throughout the week or on the weekend. When you’re having fun scoring a few points, you may not be looking where you leap or jump and wind up with an injury. Approximately 63% of the injuries people sustain from playing volleyball are somehow related to jumping, however.

Getting Medical Care

Fortunately, there are local world class urgent care providers located near the beach. These experts in urgent care can treat a variety of injuries so that you don’t have to go to a traditional hospital emergency room. Every year, there are roughly 110 million emergency room visits. If you’ve ever been to the emergency room for a minor injury, then you know that there’s almost always a long waiting period to see a physician.

At an urgent care center, however, there’s an excellent chance that you’ll only need to wait for 15 minutes or less to see a physician or a physician’s assistant. A recent survey found that about 60% of urgent care centers have a wait time of 15 minutes or less. Furthermore, 65% always have a physician on-site during operating hours.

If you or one of your friends has sustained a sports injury that may require stitches or another type of wound treatment, visit your local walk in clinic. There are, of course, other injuries that can be treated at these facilities, such as muscle pulls and sprains. Your local walk in clinic can also evaluate head injuries and determine whether or not someone has a concussion. You may also be happy to know that it costs considerably less to visit an urgent care clinic than a traditional hospital emergency room.

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