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Finding the Right Assisted Living Option is an Important Decision

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It is the difference between “palace” and “power.”
The difference between remembering to shut the stovetop off and leaving it on for the entire day.

When your parents’ or grandparents’ hearing makes it so they find it difficult to communicate over the phone you begin to notice there age. When these same people forget simple tasks around the house that put themselves at risk, however, you have to make decisions about whether or not to intervene. For many families, when it becomes apparent that elderly family members are no longer safe living at home alone, it is sometimes necessary to check into options like a move to an assisted living community.

Nursing Homes, Memory Care Facilities, and Assisted Living Locations Provide a Variety of Different Options

Decisions about when to move parents, grandparents, or a spouse into a nursing home can be a challenge, but if you understand your options ahead of time the decision can be some what easier. Dealing with a relative who is showing the first signs of dementia can be unsettling, and when you have to start having discussions about care these unsettling feelings can be down right frightening.

Currently, Alzheimer’s is the sixth leading cause of death in the U.S. As a result, it should come as no surprise that there are an increasing number of nursing homes that are offering memory care. In addition, there are entire facilities that serve Alzheimers patients. Offering a variety of care options, there are 15,655 skilled nursing care centers in the America, according to data from the American Health Care Association. Selecting from all of these options. And while it is great to have so many options, making a selection can sometimes be difficult. The fact that many people are looking at these choices during one of the most stressful times in there life makes the decision making even more of a challenge.
Most experts recommend that it is important to have family discussions ahead of time and have a feel for what your loved ones wants to do once it is no longer safe to stay in his or her own home.

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