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Urgent Care Services Locate a List of Providers in Your Area With a Doctors Directory

Urgent care medicine is a growing specialty. The Urgent Care Association of America has estimated that three million individuals visit urgent care facilities every week. Currently, 20,000 physicians specialize in this branch of medicine, and many of these medical professionals own or are on-staff at local urgent care clinics.

The Benefits of Visiting an Urgent Care Walk-in Clinic

There are many benefits to visiting an urgent care walk-in clinic rather than a traditional hospital emergency room. In addition to costing considerably less, 85% of these centers see patients seven days a week and are open for extended hours. Furthermore, patients also don’t need to wait long to see a physician or physician’s assistant. The average waiting time is usually about 15 minutes. This does depend, however, on whether or not there are other patients being seen that may require more extensive diagnoses and treatments.

The Types of Medical issues and Conditions Treated at Urgent Care Facilities

Some of the types of injuries that often occur include ankle sprains and bone fractures. According to recent estimates, approximately 25,000 Americans will sprain their ankle on any given day. Simple to more complex fractures are also common, particularly with individuals that participate in rigorous sports. Slip and fall work injuries are also common in the construction and related industries.

Older adults that experience dizziness or loss of balance on a regular or occasional basis are also more susceptible to falling and becoming injured. The second most common complaint heard by doctors is actually dizziness. Adults over the age of 60, for example, may experience this on a daily basis. Estimates indicate that this applies to 65% of adults within this age bracket.

Data from 2012 indicated that the most common diagnosis for individuals visiting urgent care clinics was upper-respiratory conditions. Wound repair was the most common procedure conducted at that time. Urgent care clinics continue to treat these and other medical issues. They are also able to provide medical help to individuals with chronic conditions that may benefit from physical therapy or another treatment modality.

The Importance of Having Access to a Doctors Directory

Having access to a doctors directory is important so that you are aware of the medical clinics available in your area. When you or someone in your family becomes ill or sustains an injury, you’ll know exactly where to go for medical attention. Rather than spending valuable time searching through a doctors directory when you don’t feel well, are in pain, or are experiencing stress, it makes sense to find a list of local doctors and their specialities ahead of time. If a situation appears to be more serious, then knowing where the closest emergency room is located is of obvious importance. In the event that the situation is life-threatening, then contacting emergency services for an ambulance is the best course of action.

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