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Suffering Through Chronic Pain? Ask an Urgent Care Center About Physical Therapy

Physical therapy

When you aren’t feeling well, it’s good to know that there are local urgent care clinics available near you. If you have a non-life-threatening illness, condition, or injury, why wait for hours to see a physician at a costly hospital emergency room when you could see an urgent care physician or mid-level practitioner in a fraction of the time.

In addition to offering preventative care, such as vaccines, an urgent care clinic can treat these and other issues:

  • Abdominal pain
  • Allergies
  • Asthma
  • Colds
  • Dehydration
  • Earaches and infections
  • Headaches
  • Joint pains
  • Kidney infections

It’s also important to note that urgent care clinics have X-ray machines on site to determine whether a bone fracture or break has occurred. They can administer and evaluate standard blood tests as well as TB, STD, and other necessary tests.

When individuals suffer with chronic pain, such as lower back pain, 4 in 10 may exercise in order to alleviate it. However, exercise alone may not be sufficient and physical therapy may be indicated. It’s been found that at least 40% of people with long-term, low back pain don’t seek the services of a physician or physical therapist. This is unfortunate considering the availability of affordable treatment options at urgent care clinics.

Given that roughly 25,000 people sprain their ankle every day, it makes sense for these injuries to be evaluated and treated by a physician. It is believed that over 80% of sprains that occur are the result of an inversion, or inward rolling, or a person’s ankle. While some people may choose to endure the pain associated with this type of injury, it, too, should be professionally evaluated to determine whether or not the injury is more serious. Furthermore, physical therapy may also be needed in order to restore full functionality.

When you need physical therapy for chronic low-back pain, a sprained ankle, or another issue, it’s important to note that urgent care centers have physical therapy equipment and physical therapists on site. Physical therapy equipment is also beneficial for addressing knee and joint pain.

Since there is an urgent care facility located near you, it’s important to seek the medical treatment that you need. While you may believe that the illness, injury, or pain will pass in a day or so, when you visit an urgent care clinic, they can make an evaluation to determine if this is actually the case. Furthermore, they will be able to provide treatment options to address your situation.

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