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Unique Aspects of Health Care for Women

Women health services

Health care for women is important, because of the many unique health concerns facing women. Women health services centers provide comprehensive care to females of all ages. Health care for women encompasses many topics including cancer screening, OBGYN care and bone density testing.

Virginia beach obgyn doctors provide health care for women concerning their reproductive organs. Many people think that an OBGYN is only for those needing prenatal care, but regular check ups with an obgyn is important for females of any age. Seeing a Norfolk OBGYN is important for receiving regular screenings for cervical and ovarian cancer.

Health care for women also involves the regular application of radiological diagnostics. Women in certain age groups and those with high risk factors are screened by health care providers for breast cancer via physical examination and mammography. Post menopausal health care for women may also involve regular bone density tests. Women are more likely then men to develop osteoporosis, and regular screenings may be an important part of treatment and management plans.

Centers that offer health care for women may also offer cardiac physicians and information. Heart disease is the number one killer of women, and offering screening and lifestyle intervention can help stop the progression of heart disease.

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