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Understanding Excessive Sweating Also Known as Hyperhidrosis

Sweating constantly

Hyperhidrosis is also known as excessive sweating. This issue is more common than most folks think, with over 7 million Americans who are affected by the problem. Unlike most people who have at a minimum two and up to four million sweat glands, these folks have problems getting their body to cool down. This affects many people, including men and women in equal numbers. From one’s mid-twenties to mid-sixties is when the problem is most noticeable. There is a solution to the problem, known as Iontophoresis. Read on to learn more about how folks with the problem if sweating constantly can find relief.

The Treatment is Simple Enough

The treatment for excessive sweating is known as iontophoresis. This therapy lasts up to half an hour, allowing individuals to cure excessive sweating. With the help of an iontophoresis machine, individuals find the relief they are looking for, and are able to live normally. The treatment was introduced 50 years ago and continues to be popular today.

The Treatment Takes Some Time

Although the treatment for iontophoresis does not take a long time, several treatments are required in order to have successful results. Anywhere from six to ten treatments are required in order to stop excessive body sweating. It’s important to keep up with these treatments, so long-term results are produced. Otherwise, the treatments don’t fully do their job, leaving the individual to continue suffering with the problem.

Individuals Go On to Live Normal Lives

Some folks feel intimidated and unsure of themselves, because they cannot find ways to prevent sweating from occurring. In their case, they have excessive sweating that stains their clothing, smells, and causes embarrassment. By using treatments, they can participate in normal activities, not have to worry about how the weather will affect them, and otherwise live a normal life.

Thanks to breakthroughs that make excessive sweating a thing of the past, individuals with this problem find solutions to their issues. The treatments are simple enough, and although several of them need to be done, they are easy enough to fit into one’s schedule. Once they are complete, individuals will be happy with the changes in their life, including activities they couldn’t take part in before.

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