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Top Tips And Techniques For Beginner Archers

How To Improve Your Target

Archery shooting form takes a great deal of practice and agility to perform it near perfect every single time, but it is possible. The most important thing to remember when it comes to proper compound bow shooting technique is your form. Form is everything when it comes to perfecting the ways of archery—archery training is one of the most taxing activities around, it surpasses nearly every other sport in its requirement for form, accuracy, and precision. When practicing archery strength exercises, it’s imperative to pay close attention to the stance the archer takes before shooting the arrow—it determines how accurate and precise their aim is and could significantly hinder their performance.

Beginning with the base of the shot, the archer’s feet should be shoulder’s length apart, their toes directly perpendicular to their intended target. The amount of spacing in their feet is adjustable, depending on what is most comfortable for the archer—the standard stance gives some athletes, what’s known as archery shoulder pain—a common injury for well-known archers. On average, over 90% of bow-related injuries occur while bowhunting, and not target shooting—there are a variety of stance positions an archer can make to have a sturdier shot, including shooting from a kneeling position which allows them additional strength to aim at their intended target on the first shot accurately. Similar, when practicing with an archery training bow, there are several positions for hand and elbow placement depending on their comfort level. Typically, archers who suffer from archery shoulder pain choose alternative shooting techniques to achieve their intended accuracy in aim without significantly straining themselves.

10 Things New Archers Should Know

1. Finding a good coach is of utmost importance for new archers. Like most new athletes, they don’t know the standard practices for everything, and they may require more practice with their aim—equipment for archery training can pose quite tricky for some archers, both seasoned and new! It’s essential to have a professional to guide you along the way to prevent yourself from common injuries, like archery shoulder pain and bettering your aim.

2. The technique is more important than the equipment. This may sound counterintuitive, but in archery, there are several alternative equipment options, such as bow trainers, an archery training device, and even an archery training app to practice as you travel. In archery, there’s truly no excuse for missing practice. Archery emphasizes accuracy and precision towards a target, which can place a lot of mental strain on archers—it’s vital to have a positive, clear mental approach when practicing archery. Having your mind clouded with other issues can significantly impact your technique, and worse, even cause injury like archery shoulder pain from a faulty method.

3. Scores don’t matter. This mindset may confuse some but placing excessive worry on a particular score can also be harmful to your technique. Sometimes it even causes anxiety or panic about aiming; techniques are in place for these situations—one of the best methods for overcoming target panic is to simply understand that a high score doesn’t define your ability to grow.

4. Archery requires a great deal of patience in every aspect of the sport. Being too impatient can cause archery shoulder pain, improper technique, and an overall negative attitude which impedes your ability to learn from mistakes. Patience is critical in all athletic endeavors; it’s important to understand the ideal technique comes with years of practice.

What Are The Best Archery Strength Exercises?

1. Single Arm Dumbbell Row: This exercise is intended to help strengthen your rhomboid and arm muscles, which assist in the vigor required to draw your bow It allows you to shoot for an extended period and increase your draw weight.

2. Dumbbell Side Raise: Archery requires a certain amount of shoulder strength for practice and competitions, a lack of muscle typically results in archers having archery should pain. This exercise makes strong shoulders, making them mobile and balanced for a better aim.

3. Romanian Deadlift: This is a staple exercise for all athletes, as it provides stability through strong glutes, hamstrings, and lower back muscles which are essential for more accuracy and easier shooting technique.

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