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Three Ways to Manage Arthritis Pain

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Arthritis is caused by inflammation, wear and other stressors which affect the joints, causing significant pain and reducing a person’s mobility. Because of this, a patient with arthritis may rely heavily on pain relief products to go about their daily tasks without discomfort. However, there are a number of pain management methods a patient with this condition can use to help promote pain relief for arthritis. Read on to learn about some tips and tricks that might help you find relief for arthritis pain.

Exercise and Therapy
While your arthritis might discourage you from moving, many patients find that exercise and physical therapy can help, especially when it comes to relieving joint pain. By speaking to a doctor or physical therapist, you will likely be able to identify specific activities, such as range-of-motion stretches, strengthening and endurance exercises, as well as entire programs that can help promote healthy movement and discourage discomfort. But whether you start taking yoga or other activities recommended by a therapist, it is important to remember to go slowly and moderate your movements to prevent injury or further pain.

Weight Management
Arthritis can make it difficult to lose weight, but dropping a few pounds or maintaining a healthy weight can relieve a great deal of pressure on your joints, especially your knees. Talk to your doctor about ways you can change your diet and exercise safely to lose weight and help minimize your pain.

Alternative Methods
If you are having difficulty finding an effective method to relieve your pain, some doctors and patients recommend trying some alternative methods to reduce discomfort. Meditation, massage therapy, and heat and cold therapies may yield results, but it is important to talk to your doctor or physical therapist before undertaking any of these methods. Many patients also find it helpful to join support groups for arthritis, where they can talk about different treatments and research, or simply commiserate. You never know: a person in your support group may know of the perfect pain remedy for your symptoms.

Living with arthritis pain can be difficult. However, by trying different options and taking proper care of your body, it may be possible to reduce your pain and return to your normal life. Talk to your doctor today to determine if one of the treatment options above may be able to help you.

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