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Three Handy Massage Techniques for Pregnant Women

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There’s no mistaking the potential benefits of massage. Massage can help people relax more, feel more comfortable, and experience better sleep. It can even help to relieve inflammation in sore muscles.

At any given time in the U.S., at least 3,300,000 women are pregnant. Among common pregnancy complaints are soreness, trouble sleeping, discomfort and nausea. In many cases, massage could be beneficial to pregnant women. However, some women avoid massage because they are afraid it could negatively impact their pregnancy.

Since this is such a common concern, though, massage specialists have specifically developed tools in order to help assist women who are pregnant. Here are a few handy inventions that masseuses have come up with over the years.

1. Pregnancy Massage Pillows

Pregnancy massage pillows are used during pregnancy to provide extra support, and can be used up until the third trimester. These pillows can be used either in a massage setting, or just at home in order to assist comfort. Pregnant women are often advised to lay on their sides later in their pregnancy, because lying flat on one’s back can cause the uterus to pressure a blood-supplying vein.

2. Pregnancy Massage Tables

Many women experience discomfort while lying on their stomach during pregnancy because of swollen breasts and growing bellies. These tables have cutout areas so that women can comfortably rest on their stomachs without placing additional pressure on their uterus or breasts.

3. Hot Stone Treatment

Hot stone treatments for massage are based in tension-management. The heat given off by the stones helps to relax muscles, which in turn allows a massage therapist to access deeper layers of muscle. Although this technique might be new to the west, it has been enjoyed for many hundreds of years in multiple cultures. Cool stones can also be used as an alternative, for reducing inflammation.

Have you ever made use of a pregnancy massage table? Let us know in the comments. See this link for more references.

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