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The Case For Urgent Care Centers

For those without insurance or with busy work schedules, taking time off to schedule an appointment for a general care practitioner, either for themselves or their children, can often prove an impossibility. Unfortunately, this often leaves them with only one choice: the emergency room. The emergency room is not an ideal choice, particularly for minor illnesses and injuries, as it can take up to an hour to be seen by a doctor and can cost more than one thousand dollars for just one visit. However, some people feel that it is their only choice.

Fortunately, searching “urgent care closest to me” is likely to yield a wide array of results. Simply by typing in “urgent care closest to me,” parents can avoid a long emergency room wait with an anxious child, as well as the prohibitively expensive bills to follow. Searching “urgent care closest to me” can provide people with access to quality medical care that they did not realize was available to them.

Many of the people who might search “urgent care closest to me” might not realize the wide array of services that a typical urgent care center will provide. Urgent care centers are known for their ability to treat minor illnesses and injuries, and this is not an incorrect assessment. For instance, the common cold can be diagnosed at any typical urgent care center. People across the United States suffer as many as one billion colds a year, and children are particularly prone to it, suffering on average six to ten colds every cold and flu season. Ear infections are another common malady suffered primarily by children. More than half of all children will experience an ear infection before the age of five, and forty percent of these children will experience ear infections on a much more frequent basis. Ear infections, fortunately, can easily be diagnosed and treated at any urgent care facility and parents can be provided with the antibiotics necessary.

Urgent care nearby is also ideal for the treatment of injuries. Ankles sprains, for instance, happen more than 20,000 times per day. While an urgent care center can treat a simple ankle sprain, up to eighty percent of all urgent care centers are also able to diagnose and treat more serious injuries, such as fractures. In fact, though many people believe that a fracture or broken bone must be treated in an emergency room, most urgent care centers are more than equipped to deal with such an injury. It has been found that as many as sixty percent of all cases seen at an emergency room could have easily and thoroughly been treated at an urgent care center.

For those searching “urgent care closest to me,” they are making a choice that not only will save them time (as the typical urgent care center has, on average, on a fifteen minute wait) but a considerable amount of money. For those with busy schedules or without health insurance, urgent care centers provide a viable alternative for quality medical care.

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