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Urgent care

So You’re Experiencing Some Pain — Is it Time to See a Doctor?

When it comes to pain management, it can be hard to determine what is considered normal pain and what’s a real emergency. And there are a lot of reasons you could be experiencing any kind of pain, so when should you actually be concerned about it? Sometimes you’re just sore because you worked hard the…

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The Case For Urgent Care Centers

For those without insurance or with busy work schedules, taking time off to schedule an appointment for a general care practitioner, either for themselves or their children, can often prove an impossibility. Unfortunately, this often leaves them with only one choice: the emergency room. The emergency room is not an ideal choice, particularly for minor…

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Urgent Care Centers The Bridge

What is urgent care? Glad you asked. It’s one of the premier methods of treating patients in America and in some cases, around the world. To get a glimpse of what urgent care is, it’s important to start at the beginning, when it was developed. There is a story. It is a gripping one. American…

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walk-in urgent care

Why a Walk-In Urgent Care Clinic is a Better Option Than the ER

There are many circumstances where waiting for an appointment to see a normal doctor just isn’t going to cut it, but too often people choose to go to the emergency room where there is a convenient walk-in urgent care option available. In fact, according to the results of one study, somewhere around 44 to 65…

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How to Know if You Can Be Treated in a Medical Walk In Clinic

Most doctor’s offices are only open during regular business hours and during the week. Only a handful have after hours care or are open on the weekend. The problem, of course, is that it is possible to become ill or injured after business hours and on the weekend. There are times when you can wait…

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Urgent Care Clinics Provide a Wide Range of Services

While it’s always useful to have an emergency room phone number handy, for most common illnesses and injuries you no longer need to go to an emergency room. Walk in clinics and urgent care centers can handle all kinds of non-life-threatening illnesses and conditions like sports injuries, back pain, coughs, colds and flu, strep throat,…

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5 Reasons You Should Skip The ER And Go To A Walk In Clinic

It’s happened to everyone. You have an injury that you can’t take care of on your own, but you don’t want to sit for two hours in the crowded ER. Or it’s the weekend, and you think you have food poisoning or a bad stomach flu, and you don’t want to wait until Monday to…

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