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Popular Lipo Myths Busted

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Anyone who has ever gone on a diet or started a new exercise regime has wished they could just zap the fat away. It’s a fantasy to indulge in, but it’s just a fantasy, isn’t it? Sure, there are surgeries and laser liposuction, but they leave you looking saggy or they don’t last or they’re just plain too expensive.

It’s time to update your knowledge of the medical weight management world.

Lately, lipo has faded from the spotlight with the rising popularity of stomach balloons and gastric bypass (though the number of lipo treatments continues to increase each year). Part of lipo’s bad rap comes from worries have been around since its inception in the 70s. But we’re in the twenty-teens, and technology has made astounding leaps and bounds, so there are certain myths that should be cleared up.

Myth #1: Lipo Scars


This is an easy one. The main reason lipo fell out of fashion was because of burn scars and bruising prevalent with early 90s versions of the treatments, since before the modern laser cellulite removal could even turn nasty. However, surgical procedures have become less invasive every year. Nowadays, any scarring will almost certainly be minimal and probably temporary. It can’t be said 100% that there will never be a scar, but a properly performed procedure is as gentle and discrete as possible.

It’s worth mentioning that there are some body contouring treatments that don’t involve invasion at all. These are the typical Botox-type shots that work more to tighten skin rather than destroy fat.

Myth #2: Lipo is lazy


This one is just malicious. Like all bariatric treatments, these procedures are for people who have tried every strategy in the book. Diet, exercise, whathaveyou, some people are simply built to retain fat and can’t achieve the shape they want with these actions alone.

Now, one could go into how body image pressure these days is so militant that people can’t even live in peace with their own natural body, but that isn’t the point here. The point is that this is the world we live in, and there’s a certain image some of us have of ourselves. If lipo is the path it takes to gain confidence, then that’s that. Every patient from laser liposuction to laser cellulite removal is drilled on the importance of maintaining a healthy diet after the procedure.

Like any weight-loss plan, it’s about lifestyle. Lipo patients are four times more likely to gain weight after treatment without regular exercise, and the same goes for eating healthily. But the biggest pitfall in dieting and exercising is the lack of instant results. People become discouraged, especially with society beating down on them for what they’re trying to change. But when you have had a weight-loss procedure and literally have your goal body in sight, that can provide the motivation to stick to a plan.

Myth #3: Lipo breaks the bank


So, this article keeps saying “lipo” like it’s a catchall. Really, there are dozens of treatments that fall under the category. Laser cellulite removal, chin sculpting, arm sculpting, abdominal liposuction, all of these procedures vary in size and invasiveness, and therefore vary in cost.

Generally, laser liposuction prices go by amount of surface area treated and by geographic location. Laser cellulite removal can cost between $100 per area to $3,000 per area. It’s in your wallet’s best interest if you do lots of shopping and comparing if interested in these treatments.

And that’s what it always comes down to. Do your research. Talk to your doctor(s). Be a good, fully informed patient. No medical procedure should be taken without thorough knowledge of what you’re getting into.

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