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3+ Ways a Dermatologist Can Help

Palm beach dermatologist

Many of us have a hair stylist, nail tech and car mechanic that we love and won’t betray by going somewhere else. We even feel the same way about our primary care doctor or our dentist that we see on a regular basis but how many can say the same about a dermatologist? Do we even know that we need them or why? I’m going to outline a few reasons why exactly we need a dermatologist in our lives just as much as any other medical or cosmetic professional.

    1. Acne We all know this is a teenager problem. More than 40% of teens have acne or acne scarring by the time they are in their mid-teens. However, acne is not just for teenagers. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always end there. It usually begins at this point but acne can continue, or even begin, in adults in their 20s, 30s, 40s and even at times 50s. Pregnancy and menopause have been known to conduct a nice break out or two during their time. A local dermatologist can give you more than the best over the counter acne treatment that you’ve been desperately trying to use. Sometimes, prescription medication is what you need, but you’ll never know it or get it without a dermatologist.

    2. Skin Cancer You may think are not even at risk for skin cancer, or if you even are, you’d want to see an oncologist, right? Wrong. The first step is your local dermatologist. They can run tests and check your moles periodically to catch any early signs. If any is found, they can go about finding out which skin cancer treatment methods will work for you before resorting immediately to chemotherapy. Current research states that one in five Americans will, at some point in their life, develop skin cancer. This statistic alone should make us find our local dermatologist!

    3. Cosmetic Care Dermatologists can actually perform cosmetic procedures such as laser hair removal and natural spider vein treatment. Although, this may or may not be cosmetic, depending on the severity of the condition; varicose vein treatment options may also be available to you.

There are many other things dermatologists can do, this is only a few; such as the treatment of psoriasis or seborrheic dermatitis, hair loss, venereal wart remover, plus others. It’s very important to have a local dermatologist to whom you can visit whenever you have a concern or even as a regular standing appointment to have your skin checked out and to ensure everything is as it should be. There is no such thing as taking too much care of your skin. Your skin is what protects all of your organs inside you; don’t forget to protect it also! Do not underestimate the need to take the necessary precautions with your skin. Using the right body wash, loofas or wash cloths, lotion and sun screen are all very important factors that we need to consider in our day to day lives. Have you ever had a skin concern you wish could be taken care of?

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