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Overbites How Do Braces Really Fix Them?

An overbite, also called an overjet, is when the top teeth stick out over the bottom teeth. The American Dental Association estimates that a whopping 70 percent of children have overbites. Fortunately, they can be fixed with braces. Learn about how braces fix overbite problems from Premier Orthodontics.

Braces or a combination of braces and elastics are best for a mild overbite.

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Elastics are basically rubber bands. After wearing them for an average time of two years, the top teeth are pulled back. In this way, the bite is aligned. Braces work best for children since the jaw is still growing. Often, children may need to wear retainers for some time after the braces are removed.

Unfortunately, braces alone do not work in cases of severe overbite. Children may need to wear more complex dental devices called Herbst appliances for a year. After a year, the device is removed and braces are put in place. Adults with severe overbite may need surgery.

Moderate overbites in older teenagers and adults need the help of both braces and Forsus springs. These are needed because older teenagers and adults have stopped growing. Braces are often worn first for eight to twelve months. Then, Forsus springs are put on. They need to be worn for four to six months.

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