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Natural Treatments for Anxiety

Anxiety is something that we all face at one time or another. There are so many causes of anxiety ranging from work, family, and finance. Many other people have General Anxiety Disorder which can lead to feelings of intense anxiety for no particular reason. According to statistics, one of every three Americans suffers from anxiety. Further, women are twice as likely to be anxious compared to men.

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There are plenty of medications out there to treat anxiety. However, sometimes medication is not always the best answer. In this video, you will learn about natural treatments for anxiety.

Kava is a cheap plant from the South Pacific that has been shown to reduce anxiety as a mild sedative. Some natural remedies combine Kava with other remedies such as Lavender and Passion Flower. This is because specific Amino acids stop your nerves from becoming overstimulated. This is why they reduce anxiety.

You can combine the benefits of Kava with other remedies. For example, you can practice deep breathing exercises. Other options include practicing reframing situations and creating an action plan go on the attack if you can identify the root of the anxiety. Similarly, you could talk to a psychologist. You may also decide to take up a peaceful hobby such as bird watching. Lastly, consider visiting your local church. There are many friendly people there that would be more than happy to provide support regardless of what you are going through.


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