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If You Want To Avoid Acne Scars, Avoid This

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If you’ve been looking for the best acne treatment for your skin, you aren’t alone. Sometimes, it can seem like none of the acne treatment products available do anything to clear your breakouts, no matter how frequently you scrub. But frequently, the best skin care routines can come down to more than just the products you use. If you want to find the most effective treatment, and prevent the formation of acne scars, make sure you follow these habits and behaviors:

Don’t pop your pimples – If you break open your breakouts, you run the risk of contaminating the open sores with the dirt and oil from your hands. This could lead to the breakout becoming re-infected, or in some cases, even more breakouts entirely. Make sure you keep your paws off any zits, and wash your hands frequently just in case you forget and poke at one by accident. If you do pop your pimples, you could be at an even greater risk for acne scarring.

Don’t eat greasy foods – This one is tricky for some people to handle, but there is a direct connection between a greasy diet and a greasy face. The oil from the food can get leftover around your mouth and chin, as well as on your hands, which can then transfer on to your face and lead to additional breakouts. Limiting the amount of greasy fried food you consume will limit your exposure to these oils, lowering your chance of breakouts.

Don’t procrastinate – If your acne isn’t responding to normal acne treatments and over-the-counter products, it could be a sign that there’s something more serious going on. Don’t put off going to see a dermatologist, since any untreated breakouts have the potential to turn into acne scars. Acne that doesn’t respond to treatment products can also be a sign of cystic acne, which could increase your likelihood for scarring even more. Don’t put off seeking treatment for your acne.

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