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How Dentists Use Lasers to Treat Your Teeth

When used in dental and surgical procedures, the laser functions as a cutting tool or a vaporizer of the tissue with which it comes into contact. When used for teeth whitening, the laser works as a heat source, thereby increasing the effectiveness of tooth-whitening agents. Dental lasers function by emitting a powerful beam of light that is used to remove or reshape the tissue. This powerful beam also seals the wound at the same time. The nerve endings are often sealed, reducing pain sensation.

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As a result, procedures performed by dental lasers frequently do not require dental sedation or anesthetics, and most clients find laser orthodontic treatments relaxing.

Dental lasers do not make as much noise as drills and other dental tools. This lack of sound brings a sense of relaxation to anxious patients and kids during their procedure. Patients benefit from better treatment outcomes when they use dental lasers. The light and heat released by the laser beam sterilize the tissue, reducing the risk of infection. Furthermore, the absence of excessive trauma and bleeding reduces the risk of other post-treatment complications. The dental laser is suitable for soft tissue procedures because it is more effective than other treatment methods.

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