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Help Kids Help Themselves; A Few Things to Look Out For

Congenital abnormalities of the ear

Believe it or not, children are the toughest people on the entire planet. Although many of them will cry for hours if they drop something or can’t have what they want, they can literally fall out of a tree and be fine within seconds. If anyone over the age of 25 falls out of anything, they will probably just stay where they land until the end of time.

Despite the fact that children are these little superheroes, they can still be injured by things that might affect them later in life and could be devastating if not taken care of properly. Here are a few things that new parents should look out for over the next, say, 18 years or so?

Ear Issues

Children are not exactly the most careful bunch of people. So it’s important that you look after them as much as you can. Don’t let them play with their ears. It sounds strange, yes, but kids are kids, they don’t know what causes damage or not. All it takes is for one kid to put a couple inches of spaghetti inside their ears for some potential hearing loss. Watch what they’re doing and teach them the basics of living. More serious things to be aware of are cholesteatoma and other chronic ear problems.

Watch Your Mouth

Make sure your kid watches their mouth. Not figuratively like not swearing or something, because that is often hilarious. But literally watch their mouth to make sure they don’t damage any part of their face. If kids aren’t careful they can have serious issues that could potentially involve vocal cord surgery. Teach them to watch their mouths and make sure they know mouths are for eating, drinking, and saying funny things to your parents.

Sinus Infections

Sinus infections could be caused by the common cold but could result in more serious issues if left unattended. It’s important to monitor your kids when they are stuffy or have cold symptoms. Sure, kids are notorious snot monsters, but even a few sneezes could turn into a cold which could turn into sinus infections. Keep and eye out and always keep a few hundred thousand tissues nearby.

The last thing you should watch out for is pretty much any other physical damage that might occur from your child being a child. Keep an eye out for running into walls, falling off things, or full on little kid brawls. You might not know it, but pacifier battles can result in some needed repair of facial and neck injuries. Watch your kids, be good parents, and let them do funny things sometimes.

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