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From The Outside In How A Full-Body Spa Treatment Can Help You Feel Better Physically And Mentally

We take care of ourselves any way we can.

For some it means no longer putting off the inevitable and taking that much-needed two-hour nap. For others it can mean pushing themselves to get out and jog twice a week. When you need more than just one or two things? Dropping by your local massage parlor or spa for a deep treatment session can leave you feeling like a brand new person. Whether it’s a waxing job to prepare you for summer or an eyebrow tinting session to have you smiling at the mirror once more, consider taking a few minutes to look up all the ways you can embrace yourself.

What are the benefits of massage therapy and a good waxing session? Let’s count the ways together!

Massage Therapy For Pain

One of the best ways to get you feeling like yourself again is to have a deep tissue massage. The average American today is dealing with some sort of chronic pain, with neck, shoulder and lower back pain being the most common by a landslide. Nearly 25% of massage consumers had a massage for relaxation and stress reduction between 2013 and 2014, thanks to a recent study, and another saw a whopping 90% agreeing that massage can be wonderful for reducing pain. Next time you’re tired of being sore and stiff, consider talking to a massage therapy specialist.

Deep Waxing Session

What else can you do while you’re getting your muscles kneaded into butter? Consider a deep waxing session for your legs, arms or bikini area. Summer is just around the corner, after all, and sprucing up for the hot weather means going hard or going home! Waxing works by pulling hair from the roots, so it takes several weeks (anywhere from three to eight, depending on your body) for the hair to start growing back. This is perfect if you get tired of shaving twice per week and want a break!

Eyebrow Tinting

It’s not just waxing you can look forward to, either. Eyebrow tinting is becoming more popular these days, particularly among young women and older women. Today over 20% of women use waxing as a regular hair removal method and, according to a recent study, the perfect eyebrow is widely considered the best way to naturally touch up your face without make-up. There are over three million Instagram posts with the hashtag #brows, if you need further convincing!

Enzyme And Chemical Exfoliation Peels

Perhaps your eyebrows are doing just fine…but your skin is another story entirely. Acne is a frustrating skin condition that affects millions of people today. Not just teenagers, either! Nearly 85% of Americans will have acne at some point in their lives, usually starting in puberty, and adults in their 20’s, 30’s and even 50’s can still be dealing with agonizing whiteheads and blackheads. Acne scarring is a constant reminder of the pimples you’ve dealt with in the past, almost impossible to slough off naturally, and this natural healing process can be boosted with the aid of peels.

Taking Care Of Yourself With Regular Treatments

When you’re starting to feel worn down by life, reaching out to a massage center or spa can be your meal ticket to a better you. Waxing your eyebrows, legs or arms is a great way to start achieving that body you’ve been dreaming of, with results that last for weeks, even months. For those always dreading looking at the mirror, a few exfoliation peels or tweezing sessions can have you feeling camera-ready. Even your chronic pain is no match for a physical therapy and beauty center!

Take care of yourself this year and try out a facelift massage or bikini wax. Your better you is just around the corner!

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