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3 Important Facts to Know About Clincal Trials

Throughout the world, clinical trials are helping medical professionals and researchers understand the effectiveness of various treatment types. Statistics show that nearly 96% of those surveyed about clinical trials have never participated in one. Considering that, it’s understandable to wonder what to expect before getting involved in a clinical study. With that in mind, here are three things everyone should know before participating in clinical trials.

  • Thoroughly Read Informed Consent Documents

    It’s understandable to want to skim through text, especially when there is a large amount of it in front of you. However, these documents are extremely important. It’s essential to be aware of what is expected of you during any clinical trials you’re involved in. These documents also contain exact information about benefits and risks you might experience from taking part in this study.
  • Many Prefer to Take Part in Phase 1 Clinical Trials

    Every trial begins with an initial testing phase. You’ll typically find that these trials are made of about 20-80 people. In many cases, these trials do tend to have a higher payout when considering the small size of these groups. That being said, the smaller testing group size might make it harder for someone to qualify than if they were to volunteer for later phases.
  • Pay Ranges Vary Depending on Study

    Statistics show that 46% of people somewhat agree that taking part in clinical trials is as beneficial to the health care system as giving blood. Speaking of the health care system, some of the highest paying clinical trials are those done for the purpose of medical research studies. In addition, clinical drug development trials can also pay well.

To summarize, there are several things you’ll want to know before taking part in a clinical trial. It’s important to carefully read over you informed consent paperwork. While it might take some time, you’re going to find out everything you need to know about the upcoming clinical trial. While there are several typical phases of clinical trials, many prefer to enter into the first phase. While this phase tends to have the highest payout, it’s also the toughest to get into due to the average group size being so small. Pay will typically vary depending on which types of clinical trials you’re participating in. Following these tips will help ensure that you’re prepared to take part in your first clinical trial.

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