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Five Exercises to Avoid If You Have Lower Back Pain

Many people struggle with back pain. The cause ranges from sitting position, back injuries, or other physical reasons. It is crucial to handle back pain as soon as you feel it. The chances that you might develop a severe medical condition afterward are higher. Before you visit a chiropractic doctor for evaluation, it is important to learn more.


It is crucial to learn about the causes of severe lower back and hip pain before visiting the doctor. What you know will help the medical practitioners to provide the services you need. Note that chronic back pain differential diagnosis among patients calls for proper medical attention. As you gather information about your condition, ask about the best chiropractor in your area. The back pain specialist is an avenue to handling your needs successfully.

You should look for a specialist to learn about the causes of backache in female and the best ways to handle the pain. Understanding the causes makes finding ways to avoid them and taking care of your back easier. Besides the sitting position, you understand other factors that cause back pain just above buttocks. Spinal injuries and intense exercise can be the cause of the injuries. Ensure you seek medical care to address your back pain early.


Foot pain

As the new year begins, many people have likely made it a goal to get in shape. But while exercise is a great way to lose weight, improve your fitness, and promote your well-being, preexisting conditions can also be aggravated by certain activities. This is especially true for lower back pain, a common problem that often requires pain management techniques to simply get through the work day. If you suffer from frequent or chronic lower back pain, avoid the following exercises to prevent serious discomfort.

Sit Ups
Sit ups or crunches are a popular way to strengthen the core and build muscle. However, by laying on the floor, you put a significant amount of pressure on your hips, which in turn can affect the discs of your spine. Stay pain free and use a different ab workout instead.

Leg Lifts
Just like sit ups, leg lifts require you to lay on your back and use your core muscles. However, this exercise also puts pressure on your spinal nerves, causing great pain and likely requiring pain relief products to treat.

Weight Lifting
Lifting weights is a gym staple. Unfortunately, raising these heavy objects above your head or putting them on your shoulders can put pressure on your spinal discs and cause your lower back pain to flare. But that’s not all: bending over to pick up a weight and jerking your body into position can also shock your spine.

Stretching is an important part of working out, as warming up your muscles can prevent pain and injuries. As such, anyone who plans to exercise should carefully and slowly stretch before and after working out. If you have lower back pain, however, avoid certain motions, like toe touches. This stretch stresses your ligaments and spinal discs, increasing your pain levels.

High Impact Exercises
High impact exercise is defined as an activity in which both of your feet leave the ground simultaneously, such as running, jumping jacks and jump rope. This category can help strengthen the bones and increase your endurance, power, agility and coordination. However, these activities can be hard on your joints and spine. Talk to your doctor before you engage in this type of activity and make sure you warm up properly to avoid further pain.

Exercise is an important component of a healthy life. Unfortunately, if you live with chronic pain, it is important to find activities that do not increase your discomfort or harm your body. Talk to your doctor about how you can get in shape without causing unnecessary stress and pain today.


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