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Feeling Pain in Your Posterior While Bike Riding? Here’s How to Fix It

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Over the past 12 years, states have witnessed a surprising 46% increase in the number of people commuting by bicycle. This development is great for both the cardiovascular health of the bicyclists and the environment, but there is a potential problem that must be addressed. Regular bicyclists are already aware the difference comfortable bike seats can make during a ride, but did you know that seat discomfort can actually cause medical problems in men? The reason behind these possible problems has to do with human anatomy, specifically men’s.

Bicycle Riders Should Never Feel Pain Because of Their Seat.

The British Medical Association conducted a study on coronary heart disease. It was found that people who cycled at least 20 miles a week had reduced their coronary heart disease by 50%, which comes out to about four miles five days out of the week. There is no debate that bicycling is good for one’s health. The problem comes about when new cyclists do not make comfortable bike seats a priority.

What Exactly Can Cause Medical Problems in Men?

What men have between their legs can become damaged over time if they use an uncomfortable seat. There’s a bundle of nerves and blood vessels in the perineum that are put under quite a lot of pressure when a man hops on a bike, about 25 to 40% of one’s total body weight by some doctor’s estimates. Clearly, this is not a desirable situation as it can become very uncomfortable, very quickly.

The Benefits of Having a Comfortable Bike Seat.

Installing a more comfortable bicycle seat will help immensely with excessive pressure. The best solution is to find a seat with a cut-out at the groin area. The space allows a male rider’s perineal area to rest without pressure, perfect for longer bike rides. If you are simply looking for comfortable bike seats that don’t attract attention, remember it is not just the seat but also the height of the seat that matters.

The Long-Term Risks of Repeated Numbness and Pain in Groin Area.

Perhaps a regular bicyclist isn’t worried about the occasional numbness they feel after a long ride. The numbness is the result of a restriction in blood flow, as the perineal area is mostly blood vessels and nerves. Over time, those occasional bouts of numbness will begin to last for longer and longer lengths of time after a ride. If unchecked, a problem of this sort could cause permanent damage to the surrounding area.

Without the proper knowledge, many regular bicyclists will dismiss some numbness as par for the course. But the evidence is clear: comfortable bike seats are more than a nice feature, they’re a necessity for bodily health. Bicycling can be excellent for cardiovascular health, but care should be taken to ensure it does not cause pain. Finding the right gear can help. Continue reading here.

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