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Everything You Need To Know About Halogenerators

In this video, you will learn about halo generator. The word halo generator is synonymously related to halo therapy. Halo means salt, so it is ‘dry salt therapy. Installing a halotherapy generator is a straightforward process requiring specialized equipment.
Their low power consumption and lack of specific amperage or electrical component changes can be plugged into standard 110v outlets.

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For salt treatment to be successful, halotherapy generators need clean air. They are installed immediately on the opposite side of a salt room or SALT Booth wall to spread dry salt aerosol, with the sleeve coming through and into the room. The salty air in the room would be recycled via the machine if the halo generator was inside the room or SALT Booth, which is not what we want.
The halo-generator’s associated sleeve is set at the height of 4’6″ above the ground. Anchoring screws are used to secure the item to the wall.
No more than one salt room or SALT Booth may be accommodated by the halo-generator at a time.
Because minuscule salt particles cannot travel long distances or bend around curves and angles, they cannot be linked to duct construction. Halo-generator flush-mounted on the existing wall of a salt room or SALT Booth projecting into the salt room or SALT Booth.

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