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Do You Have A Family Member Who Needs Supportive Living?

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Making the decision to take someone you love to an assisted living facility can be daunting — it’s not easy finding a new, and unique, living arrangement for a family member. When as many as 10,000 Baby Boomers are turning 65 or older each day, this process only stands to become more common as time goes on. There are many unfortunate misconceptions about assisted living, as well, and learning more about its numerous environmental, physical and mental benefits for those unable to take care of themselves is essential in cultivating peace of mind. Read on to learn more about assistance living, from its day-to-day life to amenities to healthcare.

What Is Assistance Living?

The philosophy around assistance living is to provide care and services that promote independence, security and dignity. These living facilities establish constant supervision and assistance of day-to-day life as well as around-the-clock health monitoring to ensure safety and well-being. Those with more severe medical conditions can expect to have their unique needs taken care of, from dosage medications to monitored activities.

Is Senior Living Enjoyable?

While a common stereotype of continuing care retirement are of bleak and dreary buildings, it couldn’t be further from the truth. Supportive living facilities are designed with modern foundations and a vast host of enjoyable amenities, including but not limited to fitness centers, libraries, beauty parlors and outdoor recreation. Many classes exist to encourage better physical and emotional health, as well, such as yoga and pottery. Affordable senior living is designed to encourage its residents to be as self-sufficient as possible while still tending to their needs.

How Do I Get Started?

Finding an ideal assisted living facility is as simple as focusing on which lifestyle suits your loved one best. Would they rather live in their own apartment or in a bigger community? Are they particularly active or do they prefer more sedentary activities? All these questions and more will go a long way in making sure this decision is a long-lasting and meaningful one. Nursing homes aren’t a bane or a strike against independence — rather, it’s a way to ensure that the one you care about will spend the rest of their life in security, joy and good health.

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