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Do Carrots Really Improve Your Eye Sight?

The video below talks about carrots as a healthy food that is good for your eyes. Carrots are one of the top vegetables to eat and improve your vision. Your eye doctor may recommend vitamin A if you lack it. It is a common belief that carrots will help improve your vision.

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While it is true that vitamin A, which is abundant in carrots, helps maintain healthy eyes, studies over the years have attempted to prove or disprove this theory and the final verdict lies with your eye doctor.

Although carrots can help improve your general vision, there’s no scientific evidence that eating them will improve your ability to see in the dark. The myth that carrots improve night vision has been around for many years, but it’s unclear where this myth originated. Pilots believed that carrots improved night vision in dark skies during World War II. Getting plenty of vitamin A helps ensure normal vision and keeps the cornea healthy. In addition, vitamin A supplements are beneficial for treating dry eyes. As far as improving your eyesight goes, carrots can definitely help, but it is still important to visit an eye doctor.

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