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Different Types of Doctors for Women to Regularly Visit

Women are often primary caregivers for the entire family and neglect their own health in the process. Every woman should have a list of different types of doctors for women to ensure their own good health. Taking care of yourself is the only way that you can take care of anyone else. Learn about the different types of doctors for women that can help you get on the path to good health.

The Doctor at The Helm

One of the different types of doctors for women that every single woman should see is a primary care specialist. A PCS is a doctor that is the gatekeeper for access to many other healthcare professionals according to most health insurance plans. In other words, the PCS is the first person you see if your health insurance requires referrals to go see a specialty provider.

Let’s say you have had frequent ear problems and need to see an ear specialist. If you do not have a primary care provider, it may be hard to make that appointment on your own. You will need to be evaluated by a PCS before you can see the ear, nose and throat specialist.


Every woman should have a dentist that can help with tooth repairs and prevention. Good oral health is a part of your overall health. Many women will neglect their oral health unintentionally because they are busy taking care of everyone else. The American Dental Association recommends that adults visit the dentist semiannually. It is important that you have a dentist on your list of the different types of doctors for women.

It is estimated that a whopping 69% of adults over the age of 30 have some form of gum disease that is not being treated. The CDC also released studies that show about 40 million hours of work are lost every year because of dental health problems. The best way to avoid dental health problems is to get the preventive care that you need from a dentist.

Dental health problems like gum disease have been linked to heart disease and other physical health problems. It is important that you take care of your teeth. A good dentist can provide the care that you need.

.Check with your childrens dental health clinic to see if they can refer you to a dentist or they may even provide services right at that clinic for you. Make the appointment and get the dental care that you need. You deserve to feel good about your smile.

Alternative Care

Women have unique healthcare needs. One of the different types of doctors for women is a type of doctor that specializes in naturopathic medicine. A naturopathic doctor is a doctor that takes a holistic approach to medical care. They look for alternative treatment methods to help women manage menopause, childbirth, weight loss, and more.

If you are interested in taking more of a whole-body approach to health care then this type of doctor should be on your radar. Many women have found that of all the different types of doctors, this type works best for them. A lot of women feel more comfortable about getting healthcare from a doctor that is in alignment with their own beliefs about naturopathy.

Alternative medicine based on natural cures is very popular for a reason. It works for many women. It also rarely comes with side effects that do not allow them to live their day-to-day life while they are improving their own health. This may be a doctor that you need to have on your list of professional healthcare providers.

Under the heading of alternative care providers, among the different types of doctors for women are chiropractors. Chiropractors take a holistic view to treating a wide range of medical problems. Most people think of chiropractors as specialists that do spinal adjustments, which is true. However, they treat so much more.

A chiropractor can treat things like ear infections, migraines, neck and back pain, and hip pain, improve immunity, and more. There are a lot of benefits that are available at medical centers that offer chiropractic services. Chiropractors focus on overall wellness. They look to the cause of the problem and do not just address the symptoms.

Women often experience lower back pain due to childbearing. They also often have hip problems and other unique joint problems. . A chiropractor can help.

Mental Health Providers

One of the different types of doctors for women that can help you to feel better about life is a mental health specialist. Women are often overburdened by responsibility. Many women work outside the home and are still expected to cook, clean, arrange childcare, and more. It can be very stressful to be a woman.

Mental health specialists like therapists can help you to stay grounded when times are tough. You can learn how to work through stress and develop healthy coping mechanisms. Seeing a therapist can improve your relationships and improve your physical health. Stress is a huge culprit when it comes to physical health problems.

Some stress-related diseases include high blood pressure, migraines, and diabetes can be amplified by stress, high cholesterol can be amplified by stress and more. Stress can lead to overeating and unwanted weight gain. Stress can lead to overdrinking and other unhealthy coping mechanisms. Getting stress under control is an important part of any plan to improve your overall health.

A mental health professional can help with feelings of stress and anxiety. They can help you to adopt healthy habits and set firm boundaries. Put a mental health professional on the list of different types of doctors for women that you should consider.


Of all the different types of doctors for women, the most “exclusive” woman’s doctor is the gynecologist-obstetrician. This type of doctor specializes in women’s reproductive system care. That means the only patients they ever see are women. Every woman should have an annual GYN checkup that includes a PAP smear (cervical cancer screening).

gynecologists often provide other care for women because women find themselves most at ease in their care. Make an appointment to see a gym doctor every year, and more often if you need to. They can help with reproductive health problems, prevention, and treating a wide range of conditions.

Every woman should have a gynecologist that they can depend on for exceptional care. It is the one type of doctor that is completely focused on women’s health care.

Other Types of Doctors

There are doctors that specialize in a range of services that you can benefit from that are on the different types of doctors for women list. For example, if you are having a hard time sleeping at night, you can make an appointment at the sleep doctor offices. A sleep doctor is a specialist that diagnoses why you are not sleeping and comes up with a treatment plan to help you get more shut eye.

Sleep is essential to your overall health. If you do not sleep well, your body cannot recharge. If you do not sleep well, your immune system will not be able to fight off illnesses. Of course, sleep is very important to your mental health. Getting the amount of sleep that you need every night to function the next day is worth a trip to the doctor’s office.

Another one of the different types of doctors for women that many women see is a dermatologist. Dermatologists are doctors that specialize in the care of your skin. Your skin is the largest organ and is often neglected. A dermatologist has the skill set to help you care for your skin. Every woman should have a skin cancer screening done annually. Dermatologists can treat a wide range of skin problems from contact dermatitis to allergies to aging.

Women often see dermatologists to address things like acne, rashes, and other skin disorders. If you want to get professional anti-aging treatments, there is no better place than the dermatologist’s office. Dermatologists have solutions for any issues that you have with your skin.

Podiatrists are also different types of doctors for women that take care of their feet. Women have unique problems with their feet because of the types of shoes that they wear. Women are more prone to bunions, which can be very painful. Bunions misshapen the big toe and can cause a lot of pain. A podiatrist is a specialist that can manage any problems with your feet.

Let’s face facts. When your feet hurt it is hard to focus on anything else. Taking care of your feet will put you in a better mood and make walking more comfortable again. Podiatrists can manage all the big foot problems and all the small ones too, like an ingrown toenail. Put a podiatrist on your list of different types of doctors for women that you can see if you need to.

Where To Find Different Types of Doctors for Women

If you are searching for different types of doctors for women, online is a great place to start. There are plenty of online resources that will help you find the type of doctor that you need. Doctors use SEO for medical offices to get the attention of search engines so you can find them. Many medical centers have more than one provider in the same center. You may be able to find several different types of doctors for women at the same location where you can get your drug test for work, blood work to check your iron levels, and more.

When you are doing your search be sure to check for which types of health insurance the different types of doctors for women accept. Many alternative doctors do not accept health insurance, although that is changing. Even government insurance like Medicare services are recognizing the value of alternative doctors and are starting to include more practitioners in their coverage.

If you took the first step and connected with a primary care provider, they can provide you with a list of referrals for the other different types of doctors for women. There are a lot of healthcare providers out there. You just need to take the first steps to connect with them and start getting the health care that you need.

You Deserve To Be Well

If you have been neglecting your health care, now is the time to make changes. You deserve to be well and partnering with the different types of doctors for women is one of the best ways to get on the right track. Having a team of doctors helping you to get healthy and stay healthy is important. Consider this, you would likely demand that your children or your partner get quality health care to ensure they stay healthy. Take your own advice and start making appointments today.

Even if you are feeling well, it is still important that you get diagnostic testing and screening done every year. A simple blood test can reveal a lot about your health. An annual mammogram, a PAP test, and other screening tests can be lifesaving. Annual screenings are the best way to defend against cancer and other diseases. Early detection saves lives. In almost every case of cancer and other disease, early interventions can be a game changer for treatment and the success of the treatment.

Put your health first and make appointments to get the care that you deserve. You take such good care of everyone else, take some time to care for yourself. Review the list of the different types of doctors for women and decide which doctor you want to see. Make your appointments.

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