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Cold and flu season is here Here are some tips to help you through it

Cold and flu season has hit most of the world and people are getting sick left and right. There are great ways to avoid getting sick and more ways to help yourself feel better if you do happen to get sick. Here are a few ways to avoid getting sick or begin to feel better if you are already sick. The last thing you want to do this season is spend your time in urgent care centers sick.

Getting the flu can be a terrible ordeal and nobody wants it to happen to them. If you hear about an outbreak in your area it is best to avoid groups of people. Try not to go to places like malls or food courts where people are constantly touching things after coughing or wiping their noses. Even the slightest sneeze can launch germs up to ten feet from the nose it was sent from. Going to crowded places is one of the easiest ways to get the flu because you are all breathing the same air, touching the same items, and rarely washing hands in between it all. Even small gatherings of people can pose a serious health risk and it is best to avoid it all together. If you have to visit urgent care centers for another family member try to wear a mask, don’t touch anything, and wash your hands right away when you leave.

If you do have to visit crowded places during cold and flu season try a few of these tips. Washing our hands is the best way to avoid spreading germs so do it every chance you get. Every time you pass a washroom take a quick stop to wash your hands. Carry hand sanitizer on you at all times in case there is no bathrooms where you are going. Also try to carry tissues to open doors and blow your nose without touching any tissue boxes or paper rolls where other sick people have touched. If your going quickly in and out of a store you should try to wear gloves that way your not touching anything with your bare hands. If you do happen to need to remove your gloves try not to touch anything or be sure to use hand sanitizer as soon as you leave.

After avoiding all the cold and flu people and washing like crazy you still happen to get sick here are a few tips to making you feel better. If you caught a cold try to use softer tissues on your nose as they create less friction when wiping and blowing as there is nothing worse than having a raw nose. Ibuprofen and Tylenol products with decongestant are your best friend to ensure your head and body ache is minimal. Soups are a great option to keep you warm and soothe your throat. Take a night time medication to help you get the best rest at night. Use a minty vapor product to release some phlegm and clear your sinuses, take hot showers to help as well. If you get the flu and end up throwing up stay hydrated with juice, Popsicles, teas, and lots of water. Take ibuprofen, tylenol, gravol and other medicines to relive your symptoms. Try not to worry about the amount of food you eat focus mainly on liquids as dehydration is much more problematic then an empty tummy. If you’re unsure of how sick you truly are or have any questions visit your local urgent care centers.

If you end up sick for over seven to ten days it may be a good idea to get into see a doctor at your local urgent care centers. The five most common medical diagnoses given in urgent care centers in 2016 were respiratory infections, sinusitis, pharyngitis, fever, and cough. Dizziness, soreness, fatigue, and weight loss are common issues to face when sick. Power through it and make yourself comfortable with these simple tips and you will be just fine in a few days.

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