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Canadian Community Works Together to Plan New 24 Hour Urgent Care Center

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As more and more hospitals are forced to reduce their hours, limit their emergency room care or even close completely, many communities are realizing that urgent care centers may be the perfect solution to their sudden lack of convenient health care. However, many have realized that creating the best 24 hour urgent care clinics requires some collaboration between local health systems, government officials and members of the community. For this reason, the city of Airdrie, located in Alberta, Canada, is working together to enhance the availability of walk in health clinics in their area.

Airdrie’s move towards urgent care began in March 2015, when a group of local citizens drafted a business proposal for a health care park and presented it to the Alberta Legislature. Their proposal included a 24-hour urgent care facility, a senior’s center, a hospice and more. In response, the province’s health minister has announced that the local government will support the project, establishing a total budget of $35 million.

However, the most impressive aspect of the new 24 hour walk in clinic is the way the Airdie community has supported the project: for example, a local resident donated 20 acres to serve as the site of the new urgent care center. The details of the land’s location and the donor’s identity are still under wraps, but many expect that this will help the project considerably.

Now, one of the lingering problems is deciding how the health care park will be funded and operated. Currently, officials say that the government is considering several different options, including a $4 million investment from a prospective partner. Additionally, as part of the proposal, a component of the facility is expected to be leased out to private health care providers. This is expected to help provide revenue and support the center. But while these plans have yet to be finalized, the dedication shown by the Airdie community, provincial government and health officials is sure to result in the best 24 hour urgent care the area could need.

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