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Building a Kids Indoor Play Structure

Good exercise should be a part of anyone’s life. After all, the human body is built by nature for exercise, and the human body actually has ways to reward exercise and punish sedentary lifestyles. This is a holdover from pre-historic days when early hominids hunted and chased game animals for food, as opposed to sedentary, tree-dwelling primates. The modern human body still has that lifestyle in mind, and today’s hunting trips are replaced with healthy cardio, strength training, sports, and even martial arts to keep the body moving. This is true for kids, too, who have a particular need to exercise to develop their bodies and minds alike. A kids indoor play structure may be installed in a fitness center or gym, and a gym with a kids indoor play structure may appeal to more customers since it is inclusive for families. Indoor playgrounds may be built for preschools, houses of worship, and even shopping malls. Commercial indoor play structures may be installed when contractors are hired to put in a kids indoor play structure at the client’s site, such as a commercial indoor jungle gym.

Kids and Exercise

Plenty of kids today get a good workout, but the bad news is that many others are not. What is going on here? Many Americans under age 18 are living sedentary lifestyles, ignoring play or exercise in favor of using electronic screens and handheld game devices for hours each day. In fact, many of these under-18s are using the computer or game console for hours even on school days, and this can lead to a number of health problems. Many parents are openly concerned about this, but not all of them take the needed measures to get kids moving.

In any human being, especially kids, getting enough cardio per day is important for good health, such as keeping the heart and circulation strong. But many kids fall short of even the simple guidelines set by the American Heart Association, and this can cause problems. Not only will overweight kids have increased risk of heart disease later in life, but they may suffer from mood disorders and sleep trouble (these are example of how the body punishes sedentary lifestyles). What is more, kids’ brains are still growing and developing during this time, and gross motor play has a bigger role than some may realize. A kid who isn’t getting enough exercise may have limited mental capacity as they grow up, and no parent would want that for their child. The solution is simple: get out there and get moving.

Kids Indoor Play Structures

Plenty of playground equipment is built outdoors in public parks, but in some contexts, indoor play structures are important, too. Where? For example, preschools may include a gymnasium that has indoor play structures on it, and this may be convenient for everyone in case if inclement weather or during a hot summer. This equipment in particular will be designed to be safe and fun for small children aged about three to five, and a preschool’s staff may look up and hire contractors who can visit the site and install a kids indoor play structure for smaller children.

Where else might a kids indoor play structure be found? A gym or fitness center, where these kids’ parents are getting their own indoor exercise done. A gym may attract more customers and gain a better reputation if it has rooms and areas safe for kids to play in, and these gyms, like preschools, may contact contractors to visit and have this equipment set up. This may range from a jungle gym to kid-sized basketball hoops and balls to rock climbing walls, and anything else that will fit in the room for the kids to use. Parents may bring their kids here to get some good exercise and meet kids their own age, and the parents can rest easy knowing that their kids are safe while they get their own workout done. Every so often, a gym or a preschool like these may have new equipment put in to keep the area fresh and interesting for the kids, or have worn out or damaged items removed and updated with new ones.

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