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Familiar Faces at the Family Doctor’s Office

Walk in health clinicIf you don’t have current health insurance, you may see that you need to buy healthcare services or insurance to protect the future of your health. You may wonder, what is the fair market value of healthcare. The answer is that it’s so complicated that there is no way to answer it for any one person. For a relatively healthy person, it’s going to be less expensive than for someone who has numerous health problems. There are many expensive medications and doctor’s visits that many people need to be at their best level of health.

You may also wonder, can I get free healthcare? Indeed, there are a few ways to get free healthcare. One of them is to get onto a health insurance policy through your state. These are often free or very low cost for those who have small incomes. You can also go to a free clinic in your area to see if you can get care through the clinic. Can I sign up for health insurance? You can during open enrollment periods or when you start a new job.
If you have questions about your coverage through Medicare and how much it costs, contact Medicare billing.

There’s something comforting about having a family doctor, a stable figure in your life to whom you and your family can turn for all your healthcare needs. Especially if you have kids, familiar faces at the doctor’s office are a great plus. Many family practices have fun waiting rooms with games and art supplies so kids actually look forward to going to the doctor. Most plans cover insurance for family care, so that’s one less expense to worry about.



Advantages of family health care
Familiarity also means that the doctor and staff know your family’s medical history and have carried out annual physical exams year after year. This has a huge advantage beyond establishing a level of comfort. It means that your family care doctor can tell if something is wrong, notice symptoms that might get overlooked in a busy emergency room setting, and suggest treatment or referrals with full knowledge of your past medical history.

In general, family care providers are generalists, offering comprehensive health care. If you have a condition or illness that needs a specialist, it’s best to get a referral from your family physician, who will be familiar with your medical history. They are best placed to direct you to the most suitable specialist. But with all the advantages, the number of family practitioners is declining. By 2025, around 52,000 more primary care physicians will be needed in the U.S.


Primary care in walk-in health clinics

Family care physicians may operate out of their own offices or in neighborhood health clinics. Such urgent care facilities are also a much better opinion than going to the emergency room (ER) for most non-life-threatening conditions and injuries. Waiting for hours in a crowded emergency room when you’re already feeling ill or suffering an injury is a miserable experience. And the mean waiting time in emergency rooms in the U.S. increased by 25% from 2003 through 2009, from 46.5 minutes to 58.1 minutes.



And many of those horror stories about overcrowded ERs are actually true: 78% of visits in 2009, admitted patients were boarded in hallways and in other spaces until a regular bed became available. At neighborhood walk-in clinics, you don’t have a long wait to see a doctor and it’s also cigs ideally cheaper than going to the ER. And most costs are covered by insurance for family care.

With most health insurance companies offering insurance for family care, family care physicians are the best choice for your family’s medical needs.

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