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Where are Urgent care Pediatrics Near Me?

Have you ever wondered, “Where can I find urgent care pediatrics near me?”, or “What does the urgent care pediatrics near me cover?” If you have children, knowing the best place to seek treatment can be a huge help to having peace of mind. Here you will find the upsides to choosing urgent care vs the emergency room, so that should something happen, you can be prepared.

What Does the Urgent Care Pediatrics Near Me Cover?

Did you know that, in the course of a day, 25,000 Americans suffer from a sprained ankle, and over the course of a year, a child will catch anywhere between 6 to 10 colds? An urgent care clinic is the perfect place to find remedies for both these afflictions! But what exactly is the difference between urgent pediatrics and emergency care? Many Americans are unsure. Simply put, the urgent care pediatrics clinic is where you go when the injury is non-life threatening. Mt. Sinai School of Medicine defines it as anything ranging from falls and colds, to minor cuts that require stitches, and minor broken bones; such as fingers or toes.

Is Urgent Care Pediatrics the Same as a Doctors Office?

An urgent care facility is different that a standard physician’s office. No appointment is necessary, and services can be available around the clock. This is especially valuable to parents, as it is unfortunately inevitable a child will fall ill, or face injury at some point. And, just as some families have a fire preparedness plan, it is important to know where to go to find quality care for your children. Did you know 5 out of 6 kids will experience an ear infection before their 3rd birthday, and almost 40% of children will have experienced three or more by that time? And, while this is an easily remedied illness, it can be uncomfortable and even painful if left untreated. A urgent care pediatrics center the is perfect place to get quick and reliable treatment, without the wait and need for appointment, as you’d see at a primary physicians office.

What are the Costs of the Urgent Care Pediatrics?

Medical costs can stack up quick, and easily break the bank. This is an important factor to consider, as pediatric urgent care vs emergency room cost is vastly different. According to The Street, and online finance website, “In 2016, the average cost of an urgent care clinic was $176 compared to $2,259 at an ER.” This statistic is based on data gathered from Cigna insurances claim data. And, in addition to higher costs, and longer wait times, it is approximated that 44 to 65% of all emergency room visits could have been treated at an urgent care facility. These are definitely critical facts to remember, when considering places to go for injury or illness. Furthermore, as with emergency rooms, there are a number of 24 hour urgent care pediatrics facilities. This is particularly helpful, as it means the service is always available, saving in cost, while not sacrificing quality of care. We can’t predict when an illness will set in, so having an option available around the clock is an invaluable resource.

How Can I Find an Urgent Care Pediatrics Near Me?

A quick Google search will bring up a helpful map of your location, and all the pediatric urgent care centers around you. If you haven’t already, take a few minutes to research your options, and see which suits your needs. While we certainly hope these services will seldom be needed, it is essential to be prepared. Urgent care pediatrics centers are numerous around the U.S., and they are the perfect place to seek treatment for your children. They offer a peace of mind solution to non life threatening afflictions, while still keeping the treatments cost effective. It’s always better to have a plan and never need it, than to be unprepared when the unforeseen happens.

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