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What Treatment Options Are There For Chronic Back and Neck Pain?

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New statistics show that there may be up to 1.5 billion people across the globe that suffers from chronic pain. Back or neck pain can prove to be debilitating, making every day a constant struggle with pain management. In many cases the chronic pain is only a symptom of a much larger problem that may place workers on disability. Since life is too short to deal with pain, consider your treatment options and start living life on your terms.

Back and Neck Pain

Based on their findings, experts suggest that as many as 80% of the population will struggle with some kind of back problem at some point in their lives. Today there are over 26 million Americans between the ages of 20 and 64 who experience regular back pain; back pain is the leading cause of disability for Americans under the age of 45. Neck pain on the other hand affects up to 45% of the workforce today and is the second most frequent source of pain besides back problems. Treatment options are out there to help patients return to their normal lives without pain — contact your primary health provider to see which of the following options are right for you.

Treatment Options

Every year, Americans spend at least $50 billion on back pain relief, and yet still experience problems. Finding chiropractic support can help strengthen backs and necks with an exercise or physical therapy routine. In some cases the cause can be from a nerve or some other abnormality, requiring surgery to fix. Minimally invasive spine surgery requires a small incision called a “keyhole” that is typically less than an inch. Patients who receive the minimally invasive surgery usually return home that same day and make a full recovery within as little as three days. Talk to a specialist today and review your treatment options to see if minimally invasive back or neck surgery is the right answer to dealing with your chronic pain.

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