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What Parts on Your CPAP Machine Need to be Replaced and When

Types of cpap masks

A CPAP machine is also known as a sleep apnea machine. This machine is used to blow air through a tube into a mask. CPAP machines and all necessary parts help users get a better night’s sleep, but in order to work properly, all parts must be in proper working order. Common items which need to be replaced at certain intervals include the CPAP mask, filters and the tube.


How long the mask for your machine will last will depend on the exact model. Read and follow your manufacturer’s guidelines to know when to replace your mask. The mask alone should be replaced and there are usually many replaceable parts on your mask as well. The frame of your mask, the cushioning on the mask and the headgear all need to be replaced on your mask as well. These parts will show visible signs of wear. The cushions will cause your mask to loose its airtight seal if they are not replaced when needed. Thoroughly wash your mask parts to extend the lifetime of them.


Replace your tube or hose for your sleep apnea machine approximately once a year. Once every 12 months a new tube should be installed. If you notice signs of wear with your hose then replace it immediately. Signs include drying out, cracks and mold on the inside. Detach your hose from the machine every morning. This allows it to air dry to reduce the risk of mold inside of it.


Your sleep apnea machine is equipped with a filter which needs to be replaced in order for your machine to function at optimum performance. The exact filter your machine uses will vary but the most common kinds include disposable filters and foam filters. Replace disposable filters once a month. You may need to replace them more often if you have pets. Foam filters should be replaced when they begin to show visible signs of wear. If you notice your foam filter falling apart, it is time to replace it.

Sleep apnea affects around 18 million Americans, making sleep apnea machines highly popular machines. When used properly these machines can last for years, however almost half of all users quit using their machine within three weeks. In order for the machine to be effective, it should be used 70 percent of the time, which means proper cleaning is vital. Clean and replace all the replaceable parts on your sleep apnea machine to ensure it continues to work for years to come.

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