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Uncommon Facts about Hearing Loss

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Hearing loss is something most of us will experience. Some people commonly believe that hearing loss only happens as you age. However, there are many situations that can cause hearing loss. These situations can range from slight hearing loss to irreversible damage.

Luckily, most people are required to wear devices ensuring hearing protection is handled. Research shows that loss of hearing is the second most common health issue. People living with hearing loss outnumber the combined amount of people living with Parkinson?s Alzheimer?s and diabetes.

Younger people can certainly suffer from hearing loss. Studies show that one out of every five teens has some form of impaired hearing. Sometimes, an assistive listening may be used to help a teen hear classroom lectures. Research shows that even mild hearing loss can have a child missing out on up to 50 percent of classroom discussion. The education our children receive is too valuable to be missed for something so fixable.

Sadly, many people avoid getting an assistive listening device. A study found that 15 million people living in the United States avoided getting help for their loss of hearing. Innovations in technology have made hearing aids easier to use than ever before.

Hearing aids are designed to be as non-invasive as possible. The size of these hearing devices is often remarkable. A current hearing aid battery is made to be as non-intrusive as possible.

A hearing aid battery is designed to be more effective than those used decades ago. Research shows that people experiencing hearing loss will wait, on average, up to seven years before seeking treatment. Hearing aid batteries are made to be virtually unnoticeable. Many patients are surprised at how far hearing aid technology has come in recent years.

In closing, hearing loss is a condition that is more prevalent than you might be aware of. Some believe that hearing loss only affects senior citizens. However, studies show that 20 percent of both teens and adults have some form of hearing loss. Innovations in technology ensure hearing aids are made to feel natural. A hearing aid battery is much more effective than models you may have seen older generations use.

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