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Two Possible Treatments for Damaged, Wrinkled Skin

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Did you know that many of the products being sold to help improve the appearance of your skin could actually be majorly damaging it? One way women often damage their face is through bleaching — intended to eliminate the appearance of facial hair, or to hide skin discoloration.

However, bleach can cause tissue damage if applied continually to your skin. Similarly, microbead skin cleansers have often been sold to women as a “deep clean” solution, but they can actually create too much abrasive action, leading to breakouts (and microbeads are a source of pollution as well).

Damage from various products, as well as the typical wear and tear that occurs over the years as you age, can have an effect on the elasticity of your skin. Wrinkles happen, as do other signs of aging. What exactly can you do about it? Here are a few solutions you should keep in mind.

Fraxel Treatments

  • Fraxel treatments can be used to address multiple issues people might have with their skin. Consisting of microscopic laser columns, fraxel can be used to replace damaged tissue and lessen the impact of wrinkles, furrows, texture, sun-induced redness, and more.
  • There are several levels of Fraxel laser treatments, each formulated to target a specific level of damage. The lowest level is for prevention and maintenance; the most extreme level is for severe damage that might require a few days of recovery.
  • The average price of a typical Fraxel treatment is $1,700, according to medical review site Real Self.

Thermage Treatments

  • Thermage is a skin healing process that uses radio frequencies, not lasers. The radio frequencies are non-invasive. They work by heating up the soft tissue of the skin, which can help to stimulate the body into creating more collagen, thus naturally reducing wrinkles.
  • The effect of thermage is a mild skin tightening, and it’s often preferred by people who don’t want surgery and who don’t want to take time off for recovery. The effects are not always immediate, but rather, the skin gradually tightens in response to the treatment over several weeks.
  • The average cost of treatment is about $2,000, though price is highly dependant on what part of the body needs assistance.

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