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Treatment for Marijuana Addicts

Marijuana addictive

The American Journal of Epidemiology did a 3 year study that involved following over 4,000 people who have no history of psychosis. The study shows that people who use marijuana are 3 times more likely to develop psychotic issues than people who don’t use marijuana. Marijuana addicts are defined by their inability to function without the use of cannabis. During 2009, 28.5 million people living in America ages 12 and older used cannabis once within the past year. It can be difficult for marijuana addicts to receive financial aid for college, and around 200,000 students were denied financial aid because of a single drug conviction on their record.

A marijuana addiction program is designed to help marijuana addicts overcome their dependence on cannabis. 13 states in America actually allow marijuana use for medical reasons. However, cannabis is still categorized as a schedule one control substance by the Federal Government. Cannabis treatment options can be easily discovered online, and it’s important for marijuana addicts to realize they are not alone. Mood swings, irritability, and anxiety, are some of the cannabis withdrawal symptoms that people experience while trying to quit cannabis use. Aggression, nervousness, and restlessness are also common withdrawal symptoms.

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