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Top 3 Reasons to Visit a Reproductive Center

Ivf process

Are you struggling with infertility issues? Many Americans struggle with getting pregnant and carrying the baby to full term. This struggle is a difficult time for many couples. But now there are many options to deal with infertility. Reproductive centers specialize in male and female reproductive issues. Options may include an endocrinologist to make sure hormones are correct, artificial insemination and IVF to get the eggs fertilized. Here are 3 reasons you may want to visit a reproductive center.

1. Getting pregnant is complicated. A couple, between the ages of 25 and 33 with normally functioning reproductive systems, has a 25% chance of conceiving each month. When everyone is young and healthy, the odds per month are only 25%. This is what makes infertility so hard to deal with. People think they will get pregnant right away. Many hopes and dreams are pinned on it. But it just might not happen right away. Not getting pregnant immediately is not necessarily a sign that something is wrong, but it could be.

2. People aren’t young forever. Reproduction is not like a fine wine and it does not improve with age. A woman’s fertility begins to decline at the age of 30 and will drop more sharply after 35. This will surprise many women. After the age of 30, it will be harder to get pregnant and maintain a healthy pregnancy. A reproductive center can help identify your odds of getting pregnant and help identify any issues that may prevent it.

3. The chances do not get better with age. Only 40% of women over the age of 40 that want to have a baby will be able to do so. There are still options and fertility clinics can provide the expertise you need. Fertility experts can get your hormones corrected, can use IVF to impregnate you, and help you carry your baby to full term. IVF treatment is just one option that may give you the results you want.

Don’t get discouraged through the issues and infertility treatments. Reproductive centers can provide the fertility experts that you need to get the baby you always dreamed of. Though not getting pregnant immediately is not a sign that anything is wrong, you don’t want to wait too long to find out if something is wrong. You also may not want to consider waiting to get pregnant. Many women assume that there is plenty of time left to get pregnant, but there may not be. With the odds of getting pregnant decreasing at age 30, it gets harder and harder to get pregnant as a woman ages. Don’t put it off any longer. Contact a reproductive center near you.

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