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Tips to Treat RSD

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Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy or RSD is also known by the name Complex Regional Pain Syndrome or CRPS. RSD is a rare pain disorder and normally attacks the extremities. Symptoms include a severe burning pain or pain that has no cause and can put you out of commission for as long as the symptoms last. There is hope however with a RSD treatment plan to help you at least keep the symptoms under control.

Hyperbaric oxygen treatments can be used as a treatment for RSD and consists of the patient lying in a sealed chamber and receiving a certain amount of pure oxygen. This method is even being used as a chronic lyme disease treatment, along with being used in RSD treatments as well.This medical treatment is being used to help people suffering from illnesses like RSD, stroke, chronic pain syndrome, and even traumatic brain injuries. The Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy cost vary but of course you cannot put a price on getting well or relieving the pain of RSD.

When you are in chronic pain and need a RSD treatment you can take over the counter medications to try and alleviate the pain, while it may not cure your condition at least it will help to take some of the pain away. It is best to use Aleve or Advil for the best results. Another RSD treatment that you can try is applying topical creams that will help to control the sensitivity and pain. The creams should help to numb the leg or arm slightly and make the pain bearable at least. Cold and heat packs are also known to be an effective RSD treatment. While none of these methods replace the RSD treatment you get at the doctor they can at least help you to alleviate the pain for a little while until your appointment time.
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