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Tips for Hanging on to That Weight Loss

If you have experienced significant doctor supervised weight loss, perhaps after gastric sleeve surgery or bariatric surgery, you were re-introduced to healthy foods and helped to live a more healthy lifestyle. At the beginning, you may even have wondered about those stories of people who slip back into bad eating habits and regain the weight. Then, suddenly, life. Life came at you like a bag of bricks and it became difficult just to cope. Interpersonal relationship problems, problems at work, a flood that destroyed your house, a death in the family: there’s a lot in life that can distract us from our healthy lifestyle and undo all that doctor supervised weight loss. It can happen to you, friend, so read on for some help on how to stay on the wagon.

Develop New Loves

Before your doctor supervised weight loss, food was probably one of the things you loved the most. You’ve got to learn to love something else. There are a thousand things out there that don’t cost any more money than food and can provide you with real stress relief and at least as much temporary happiness as any candy bar. There are all kinds of hobbies, from collecting stamps to building model railroads. There are interesting television shows. There are physical activities galore. You can go swimming and hiking, snowshoeing or rock climbing. You can play tennis, basketball, softball, or catch in the yard with your child. There’s no one thing that everybody loves, so try some things out.

Get Some New Friends

Food may have been your best friend before your doctor supervised weight loss. It may have been the friend you turned to when you were hurt and the place you went for a good time. It’s time to get some better friends. It doesn’t even have to be a human friend: a dog is basically an exercise machine that you cannot ignore, unless you want your home torn to shreds, and walking the dog is not only exercise and activity, but also meaningful interaction with a living creature who can respond to you with affection and attention. Having a well-behaved dog is also a great way to make friends among other people, too.

Enjoy Your Protein

No one who is struggling to keep off the pounds after the hard work and expense of doctor supervised weight loss is saying to themselves, “I just can’t stop thinking about roast chicken.” The thing people can’t stop eating are processed foods and sugars. You have probably been taught the value of certain strategies that help you avoid the doughnuts, such as never having them in the house or taking a different route to work every day, but eating well is more than just avoiding bad food. It’s also embracing delicious and healthy food. Let’s take that roast chicken, for example. If all your interactions with un-breaded chicken have taught you that it’s dry and tasteless, you are unlikely to start salivating over the thought of it. It’s possible to have a delicious, moist chicken breast that is flavorful. Learn how to make it, and if you go to a restaurant that serves its chicken dry and disgusting, don’t go back.

Experiment With Drinks

You know how important it is for you to drink plenty of water both during and after your doctor supervised weight loss. Water, however, is boring. If you’re used to drinking sodas, the sparkling seltzer industry has you covered. There is an enormous array of naturally flavored seltzer waters these days, so whether you prefer a lemony flavor, a fruity flavor, or vanilla flavor, you can have it all with seltzer water. Will a raspberry seltzer water ever be exactly the same as that sugary soda used to love? No, and that’s okay. You wouldn’t keep a toxic person in your life if they were dragging you down: don’t keep a toxic drink in your life, either.

Gastric bypass surgery and other forms of doctor supervised weight loss are amazing tools to help you regain control of your life. If you’ve used these tools and seen success, don’t give up now.

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