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Three Ways to Reduce Neck Pain

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Pain is a common experience for almost everyone in the world. However, neck pain is one of the most popular, most persistent, and most troubling: often caused by stress and bad positions, a stiff neck can be the sign of worse health problems to come. Fortunately, you can ease your pain and get back to your normal day with a few easy steps. Read on to find out if any of the tips are an effective pain remedy for your neck troubles.

Feeling Vexed? Press Your Foreheads Into Your Palms
Experts say that many people tense their neck muscles when they are stressed, causing pain and stiffness as time goes on. To prevent pain, try leaning forward and placing your elbows on a solid surface, such as your desk. Next, center your head over your shoulders and press your forehead into your palms, using your hands to resist the pressure from your head. Hold this position for three to five seconds before releasing, and repeat it about three times. Then, put your hands on the back of your head with your arms out to your sides, pressing your head back. Hold for three to five seconds and repeat three times. This should prevent the need for pain relief later on.

Roll Your Head
If you have ever taken an exercise class, the instructor may have asked you to drop your chine to your chest and roll your neck in a circular motion. It probably felt great, but you don’t have to save this stretch for the gym: instead, try it once an hour to prevent frequent neck pain.

Check Your Pillow
With so many pills and pain relief products available today, a pillow might seem a little too simple. However, this object can help keep your body in a comfortable position throughout the night, reducing the neck pain you feel in the morning. If you sleep on your stomach, look for a soft pillow; if you sleep on your side, go for medium; and if you sleep on your back, choose something firm.

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