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Three Important Numbers Behind the Industry of Electronic Cigarettes

Smoking, for better or worse, has been an important staple in the country for many years, and although it’s directly connected to health problems, it’s something that many adults just find hard to quit. But ever since the creation of the electronic cigarette (often simply called an “e cigarette” or “e cig”), there are healthier options available for people who still need nicotine (or simply like the social aspect of smoking). Here are a few statistics behind the industry of e cigarettes and high quality e liquid to show you just how important this industry has become:

One in Five: The estimated number of adults in the U.S. who are regular smokers and who have tried e cigarettes at least once. According to the latest national data, the industry has grown very quickly in the past few years: in 2008, e cigarette sales hovered at 50,000, and by 2012, annual sales had grown to 3.5 million.

7,000: The current estimated number of flavors available in e cig liquid — and this variety in e cig liquid flavors is one reason why so many smokers have decided to smoke e cigarettes regularly instead of traditional cigarettes. In fact, the majority of users — about 70% — state that they change liquid e cig juice flavors at least once a day, which is a common trend among people who used to smoke plain cigarettes.

16: The number of cigarettes that the average smoker reduced — per day — after switching from regular cigarettes to e cigarettes and vaping. According to this data, collected by the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, smokers were able to reduce their cigarette consumption by about 80% just by switching to e cigs — making it even easier for these smokers to quit entirely.

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