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Three Benefits of Urgent Care Facilities

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Many facilities that provide services for urgent medical needs are more beneficial than traditional doctors offices or emergency rooms. In fact many of these facilities are open extended hours and on the weekends, and have wait times of less than 15 minutes. This helps busy families keep going even when sickness or injury strikes. Read below to see other benefits of these facilities.


Locations for an urgent care facility can vary, however there is some uniform to where these walk in clinics are located. It may not seem like much care is taken to pick these specific spots, but these spots are chosen for a reasons. About 20% of all of these locations see over 450 patients per week, because of these carefully chosen locations. Many locations are strategically placed near hospital facilities. This makes them easy to find yet still accessible to all residents of a city or town.

Healthcare Reform

With healthcare reform more and more people are turning to these facilities for their health needs. These places are less expensive when compared to emergency rooms saving patients significant amounts of money. These places offer the same care without patients having to find a doctor that is in their network and make an appointment with that doctor. Going to one of these facilities allows patients to be seen in a timely manner with lower costs compared to other options.

Differ from Other Similar Places

Retail stores offer a similar scenario for patients to be seen, however they are not exactly the same despite being similar. Retail locations cannot offer as many services as a these centers can. Retail locations offer more preventative services and deal with minor issues that are free of complications. Many other services requiring immediate urgent treatment are not able to be treated at retail based clinics.

There are times when the doctor is best and times when an emergency room is needed, but for minor issues don’t overlook an urgent care facility for your medical needs. The benefits are tremendous and these centers were designed to cater to families and individuals just like you.

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