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Those Who Get a Urinary Tract Infection from Catheter Use Have Options

Urinary catheter

Although most people associate urinary catheter supplies with solely draining urine from the body, catheters have many other uses in today’s health care world as well. Lots of catheters are sold to people and medical specialists to help treat a range of conditions, and many of these catheters are made from silicone, which is inert and which does not cause a reaction with bodily fluids or medical fluids. Catheters free from latex also are quite common, particularly with patients who have a sensitivity to latex.

The disposable catheter was invented long ago by David Sheridan, who has been largely credited with saving many people’s lives because of the avoidance of spreading infection by reusing these catheters. However, people still will get a urinary tract infection from catheter use, which has become an increasingly painful problem for those who have it. Whether they get a urinary tract infection from catheter use or a bladder infection from catheter use, people are crying foul over the catheter related urinary tract infection problems they are experiencing. This includes many U.S. military veterans, 3.4 million of whom have developed service related disabilities since 2008.

For those with a urinary tract infection from catheter use, there certainly are options. They could contact the provider of catheter supplies who sold them the foley catheter or other similar catheter to explain their situation. They too could consult with their doctors to have the problem treated and to help stop it from happening again.

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