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The Top 3 Misconceptions Men Have About Hair Transplants

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Of all the hair loss solutions promoted on TV and in men’s magazines, there are only two highly effective methods endorsed by the FDA and the medical community. The first is drug treatment, using either Propecia or Rogaine — both of which have been shown to cause follicles to produce thicker hair. But once a follicle is dead, the only option for hair regrowth is a transplant surgery. If you’re like many prospective patients, the thought of such a surgery might worry you. But there’s less to be concerned about than you might think. Here are three of the most common concerns about hair transplants, along with some information that might alleviate your trepidation:

  1. Hair Transplant Scars Are Terrible

    Many men are concerned about hair transplant scars that will ruin the appearance of their new head of hair. There are two methods hair transplant surgeons use to harvest the donor grafts implanted in balding or thinning areas. The older method is follicular unit transplantation (FUT), in which the surgeon takes a strip from the back of the head. Though this does leave a scar, it is generally covered when the patient’s hair grows out.

    But a newer method, now the gold standard of hair transplant surgeries, is follicular unit extraction (FUE). In this method, grafts are taken individually from a broader area. Although some people experience tiny white scars at the donor sites, they are almost invisible; a good procedure performed by an expert surgeon may leave no scarring whatsoever. This procedure even allows a patient to cut his hair short without worrying about visible hair transplant scars.

  2. Hair Transplant Costs Are Prohibitive

    There’s no denying that hair transplant surgery, like any medical procedure, can seem a little pricy at first glance. Generally, prices will depend on how many grafts are needed in order to achieve the patient’s hair goals. FUE is also a bit more expensive than FUT in most cases.

    But because hair transplants are a permanent hair loss solution, they can actually be cost effective in the long term when compared against decades of ongoing treatment. Many patients also feel that the confidence they gain gives them a boost in both their professional and personal lives and more than makes up for the cost.

  3. Hair Transplants Will Never Look Natural

    Anyone who has seen an example of bad “hair plugs” might be nervous about a hair transplant procedure. But modern hair transplants look completely natural after recovery. Since they use a patient’s own hair, they will always look more natural than visual tricks such as scalp micropigmentation or even high-end hairpieces. To make sure any individual doctor is qualified, it’s a good idea to ask for extensive before-and-after galleries that maintain the same angle and lighting in both pictures.

Do you have any other concerns about hair transplant surgeries and how they compare to other treatments for male pattern baldness? Ask your questions in the comments.

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