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The Surge In Urgent Care

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No one likes long waits, or a large bill, even if the result is clean bill of health. The healthcare industry has gone through a revolution, and has adapted to the needs and wants of people in this modern age. Due to the demand for convenient, affordable health care, urgent care facilities are now becoming fastest growing segments within the American healthcare system. One of main factors for this increase in urgent care facilities is the increasing case load of primary care physicians. Unfortunately, this leads to difficulty scheduling appointments, longer wait times and less time spent with each individual patient.

You may be wondering what services urgent care centers provide. Urgent care facilities provide medical care and service for conditions that are not serious enough to require an emergency room visit yet still require immediate attention. They focus on the evaluation and treatment of acutely arising medical conditions for a wide variety of patients. However, due to increase demand, many urgent care services now include x-rays, routine physicals, and lab services such as strep throat testing. Other conditions commonly treated at an urgent care clinic include sprains and strains, minor fractures, upper respiratory illnesses, and food poisoning among others.

Though urgent care facilities are an excellent way to receive fast, affordable, quality health care, it’s important to follow up with your primary care physician as well. There are several advantages to going to your primary care physician, as opposed to being treated in the emergency department. An emergency room visit only treats the immediate illness at hand, where are primary care physicians are focused on your overall health and well being. Your primary care physician has a better understanding if your medical history, and can refer you to a specialist when necessary if your condition is outside their field of expertise. For example, your physician may refer you to an allergist in the event you have persistent allergy symptoms. Primary care physicians are seen on a fairly regular basis by their patients, therefore they have deeper insight into their medical needs as opposed to an emergency room physician who is only seen in case of an emergency.

To ensure family, friends and loved ones are healthy, encourage them to get regular physicals and check ups as many medical conditions and illnesses can be easily treated if detected early. Many people have anxieties about going to see the doctor, which is why it is a good idea to refer those close to you to your own primary care physician. Your friends and family value your opinion, and are more likely to be comfortable seeing a doctor who has already treated you.

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