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The Not so Healthy Truth About Health Supplements

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Even though the “Dad” bod is kind of in style — as in the jock from high school whose ripped six pack from back in the day has now slowly melted into a semi-permanent fanny pack — being healthy is definitely en vogue.

Just browse any social media platform and you’re likely to see a variety of celebrities, fitness “experts” and actual experts, and even a few ordinary Joes — definitely not Jareds — endorsing diets and supplements that promise to keep you looking good and staying fit. Simply put, being healthy is not only in but it’s hot. #Sorrynotsorry Dad bod.

But before you order a paychecks worth of the latest and greatest supplement to hit social media, remember that this is your body you’re talking about. Before you say, “Well, duh?! hat’s why I’m ordering these!”, just think about what these supplements — most if not all of which are not approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration — can potentially do to your body.

It’s important to realize that every, yes every, single substance that is put in or on your body must be filtered by your liver and kidneys. Therefore it’s important to have a dicussion with your primary care doctor at your friendly, local family health clinic before splurging on potentially harmful unregulated supplements. No doctor? No problem! Try talking to healthcare professional at a mobile health clinic, neighborhood health clinic, or a community walk in health clinic for advice.

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